We are your partners

“Recus” team develops and implements investment real estate, construction and production projects in Lithuania.

We analyze each project in detail and professionally develop it from an initial idea to thorough preparation for use. In order to achieve this we combine interests of various people as well as different specialists competences when we work and create.

Our goal is to implement highest quality projects through fluent work of all project participants.

Reliable and high-quality

When developing projects, each stage or area is implemented by professionals, therefore we are always certain that we will achieve the best result.

Having accomplished a number of different projects, we have accumulated loads of useful experience and have created a network of time-tested reliable partners who are helping us to implement the most complicated projects today.

We sincerely believe in our customers goals, therefore we work together to achieve the best result – of high quality and timely accomplished. We invest in our work as much as it is necessary to implement our obligations and to satisfy customers expectations.

Promoting our values

  • Reliability and honesty
  • Initiative and dynamics
  • Clarity

We are the right choice

We have extensive experience in the fields of real estate and construction. With solid knowledge of the markets we can implement projects not only at the lowest cost but also plan them efficiently. We thoroughly evaluate each project considering economic indexes, legal aspects of project implementation as well as created value and risk.

We achieve the best result by doing it responsibly and by developing a close relation with our Partners.